Trekking Huayhuash Alpine Route (09 Days)


09 Days/08 Nigths
Max. Altitude: 5240 m / 17,191 ft
Route: Huayhuash Alpine Route
Availability: May - September
Difficulty: Moderate

Cordillera Huayhuash is a mountain range within the Andes in Peru, stretching from north to south. The main part consists of about 20 peaks in only 25 km of length, including the second highest Peruvian peak Yerupaja (6617 m / 21,709 ft; after Huascaran 6768 m / 22,204 ft) and Siula Grande (6344 m / 20,813 ft), which is famous due to Joe Simpson’s book Touching the Void in which he recounts his successful but disastrous and nearly fatal climb to this mountain.

The Huayhuash trekking is known as one of the most beautiful treks in the world. Due to high altitude passes, it is not an easy trek, but the spectacular views over the surrounding mountains, turquoise blue lakes and impressive landscapes totally pay off the effort.


  • We recommend you to do at least a 1-Day hike in altitude to be acclimatized before doing this tour.
  • We can offer you different hikes.
  • Huaraz - Acclimatization Churup lake

    This is a very good hike to acclimatize. From Huaraz we go by car to the village of Pitec. On the way we pass several picturesque villages, such as Unchus and Llupa. At 3850 m /12,631 ft we start our easy hike up to Lake Churup with its blue colors sitting at an altitude of 4440 m /14,566 ft ling over steep rocks. And then we come back to Huaraz by the same way.

  • Acclimatization Wilcacocha lake
  • Acclimatization Uruscocha lake
  • Acclimatization Ahuac lake
  • Acclimatization Rajucolta lake
  • Acclimatization Laguna 69

  • Travel Program


    Day 01: Huaraz 3100 m / 10,170 ft – Llamac 3500 m / 11,482 ft
    We will transfer to South from Huaraz by private transportation. We will walk through the Huaylas Valley to Conococha (4000 m / 13,123 ft). There, we will enjoy an impressive panorama to Huayhuash Mountain Chain. We will go on until Llamac, our first camping place. Duration: approx. 4 – 5 hrs (including transportation).

    Day 02: Llamac – Jahuacocha 4050 m / 13,287 ft
    After we will have the breakfast at 8 am, we will start walking on a zigzag trail to Llamac Pass. From there, we will descend to Jahuacocha Lake.Duration: approx. 5 hrs.

    Day 03: Jahuacocha – Rasac Lake 4500 m / 14,763 ft / Barrosococha Lake 4624 m / 15,170 ft
    Breakfast at 7:30. We will start ascending on the Lake shore, continuing to Rasac Valley. From there, we will walk 3 more hours till reaching our camping place. Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hrs.

    Day 04: Barrosococha Lake – Rasac Pass 5240 m / 17,191 ft – Caramarca Lake 4575 m / 15,009 ft
    After an early breakfast at 7 am, we will start ascending to Rasac Pass. We will enjoy a magnificent view of the southern part of Huayhuash Mountains. We will descent through a glacier and moraine to the next camping place. Duration: 7 – 8 hrs.

    Day 05: Caramarca Lake 4575 m / 15,009 ft – Segya Pass 5100 m / 16,732 ft – Jurao Lake 4500 m / 14,763 ft
    We will start the day ascending for approx. 3 hours, till getting to Segya Pass. From there, we will have a view towards the Siula Mountain, to its famous eastern face. It was escalated in 1985 by the English mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simpson Yates. Their tragic survival history is told in the book and documentary ‘Touching the Void’. We will start descending in a crossing, then we will pass a steep part to Sarapococha Lake. This was the camping place for filming the documentary. We will continue to Jurao Lake, our next camping place. Duration: approx. 7 – 8 hrs.

    Day 06: Jurao Lake – Jurao Pass 5050 m / 16,568 ft
    After the breakfast at 8:00 am, we will start walking on the Orillas Lake shore. Then, we will ascend through the moraines of Jurao Mountain till reaching the No Name Pass. From there, we will have a view to the North sides of some mountains – Yerupaja, Siula, Carnicero, Tzacra, Sarapo, Jurao. We will descend to the camping. Duration: approx. 6 – 7 hrs.

    Day 07: Paso Jurao 5050 m / 16,568 ft – Trapecio Pass 5000 m / 16,404 ft – Huayhuash 4350 m / 14,271 ft
    We will start with a descent, then we will ascend to Trapecio Pass, from where we’ll have a spectacular view of Trapecio and Puscanturpa Mountains. We will descend to Huyhuash Camp, where we will spend the night. Duration: approx. 6 – 7 hrs.

    Day 08: Huayhuash 4350 m / 14,271 ft – Siula Pass 4850 m – Carhuacocha Lake 4100 m / 13,451 ft
    After the breakfast at 7:30 am, we will start ascending towards Siula Pass. From there, we will observe the mountains Jurao, Carnicero, Siula, Yerupaja, Jirishanca. Then we will descend for a few hours towards 3 beautiful Lakes of different colors. We will pass by them on our way to the next camping. Duration: approx. 7 – 8 hrs.

    Day 09: Carhuacocha 4100 m / 13,451 ft – Queropalca 3800 m / 12,467 ft– Huaraz 3100 m / 10,170 ft
    After an early breakfast, we will be descending for approx. 4 – 5 hrs. through Queropalca Valley to the village, where our private transportation will be waiting for us. Duration: approx. 8 – 9 hrs (with transportation).

    What’s included

    What’s included

    • Tour of Acclimatization
    • Local Guide
    • Specialised cook
    • Entrance fee to the Comunity (Huayhuash)
    • First-Aid kit
    • Private transport between Huaraz / start and end of trek.
    • Complete meals during the trekking program
    • Donkey driver
    • Donkeys
    • Kitchen / dining tent.
    • Collective technical equipment
    • Camping equipment
    • Tent for 2 Person
    • Toilet tent

    Not Included:
    • Travel accident and health insurance
    • Pick-up from the station and transfer to the Hotel reserved for you in Huaraz.
    • Transfers from the airport / hotel / airport - Lima
    • Hotel accommodation in Lima.
    • Tour of the city
    • Transfer from the station to the hotel / station / hotel - Lima
    • Bus ticket Huaraz / Lima,
    • Hotel accommodation in accordance with tour program.
    • Porter
    • Food and drink in Lima and Huaraz
    • Travel luggage and Travel cancellation insurance
    • Not mentioned food and beverages
    • Personal Spending
    • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, backpack, harness, hiking pants, mountain jacket (goretex), hiking shoes, matraz, suitable clothing, personal medicine, crampons, ice axe, sunglasses, etc.)

    What to take

    What to take

    • Long-sleeved shirts
    • Cotton short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts
    • Fleece or Wool sweater and/or trousers
    • Lightweight pants
    • Regular and long underwear (at over 13,000 ft./4,000 masl)
    • Medium weight parka with fibber fill or down
    • Light cap and wool hat
    • Rain poncho (or rain gear)
    • Water bottle
    • Light gloves
    • Medium weight socks
    • Hiking boots
    • Sleeping bag (-5º to 0ºC)
    • Small daypack
    • Strong waterproof duffel bag
    • Sunglasses, Sun block, lip balm
    • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
    • Towel
    • Crampons
    • Harness.

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