Why choose us?

Why choose Us?

Our company is base on the development of tourism in the Region Huaraz. We offer good quality services, with great responsability and kindness to our clients.
After more than 10 years of experience on Peru our expeditions have been perfected to ensure our clients are given the highest possible chance of success in reaching the summit. However, this success does not come at the cost of the expedition members' safety. Client safety is our highest priority and our guides are all international certified members of the UIAGM - AGMP (Asociation of mountain guides of Peru), specially selected for their skill and experience. The guide to client ratio is always considered in terms of maintaining the highest safety factor possible rather than the highest profit margin. As proof of this concern over safety our guided expeditions have yet to suffer any accidents or medical emergencies over the 10 years in which we have been operating.

Brother Salazar

Salazar Brothers Mountain Guide Member UIAGM

(Founders and Mountain Guide in Andean Peaks)

We are two brother guides mountain certified by the UIAGM, previously we were working for other companies in Peru, after working many years we started to found our own company that today we work in our company with a lot of responsibility.

Why the North Face 4 Seasons tent is Andean Peaks’ first choice?

When climbing a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca, you need to be prepared for quick weather changes, strong winds, snow and being a very tired and achy climber in need of a comfy bed. We believe that for all this the North Face 4 seasons performs perfectly.

The key thing when choosing a tent for mountaineering is whether you want a single-wall tent or not. A single-wall will be significantly lighter to carry, which is appealing when hiking at altitude for multiple days. However, the North Face 4 seasons has an inner and outer shell, making it much more sturdy, and the extra weight means it comes with extra features and space. The upside of such a tent, is that it becomes easy to split the equipment around the team, thereby sharing the weight, which is harder to do with a single-wall shelter.

This particular tent also has two doors, allowing multiple entry points, and extra space for storage. The tent is also well-ventilated, has a spacious feel to it, has plenty of inner pockets, and is easy to set up and take down. What more could you want?

Andean Peaks has invested in the North Face 4 Season tents, and has yet to receive a complaint. When choosing your mountaineering agency, be sure to check that the tents you use are up to standard, there’s nothing worse than waking up freezing cold in a soggy tent that’s been half blown off the mountain. So why not take the hint and choose Andean Peaks, you won’t regret it.

Andean Peaks

Andean Peaks

Lima to Huaraz

Before you can start any kind of exciting mountaineering expeditions, you of course need to arrive in the right place. So here is your fool-proof guide to doing just that!

Step 1: Get a flight that arrives into Lima – simples ;)

Andean Peaks

Step 2: Collect your baggage with all your equipment (kit list to be posted soon!)

Step 3: Getting to the arrivals hall may be daunting with so many drivers ambushing you with “Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!”. However, fear not. If you have pre-booked with Andean Peaks, our wonderful colleague Koseth will be there to greet you, just look out for the sign with your name on it!

Step 4: Koseth will get you safely into a taxi and take you directly to a lovely hotel where you can have a well-earned rest.

Step 5: The next day is spent on a city tour of Lima where you can discover all the sights!

Andean Peaks

Step 5: Then when evening arrives, you will be escorted to the bus station to hop on a night bus to Huaraz.

Andean Peaks

Step 6: Popular opinion: these are the comfiest buses on Earth. So, recline your seat as far back as you wish, get comfy, and enjoy the ride. A delicious meal of your choice will be served up, and there are numerous movies to choose from, not to mention the range of dramatic scenery that will pass by your window.

Step 7: The 8 hour bus journey will fly by, and before you know it, you’re in your dream destination – Huaraz.

Step 8: Take a moment to appreciate the intimidating beauty of the peaks surrounding you, and then grab your backpack and head out to meet your official tour guide – Octavio! He will ensure you arrive safely at your hotel in Huaraz, where you can spend time relaxing before the big expedition!

All in all, the journey is smooth and comfortable. Personally, I found the bus so comfy I did not want to get off! However, Huaraz is certainly worth the long travel hours, and once you have arrived, the real adventures can begin!

Andean Peaks

Andean Peaks moves up in the world of #safetyfirst with a snazzy satellite phone!

Imagine, you’re up a 5500m mountain in the middle of the Andes. Yes, you have fully trained Andean Peaks mountain guides, but the inevitable can never be fully avoided. Unfortunately, you slip off a ledge, land 10 metres below, with your leg bashing into the rock face. It snaps.

The team haul you up to safety while you cry out in agony. You look up at the summit you were aiming for through the tears, as it dawns on you that you will not be making it up there, your dreams of reaching the top have been crushed, as have the bones in your shin.

So what next? Clamber down the mountain using the team’s shoulders for support? Have someone carry you down? Let’s be honest, it’s unrealistic. The obvious thing to do of course, is pull out your mobile phone and call mountain rescue. After all, we live in the modern world where some countries even have 5G! Think again. The Peruvian Andes do not have 5G, they do not even have a single bar of mobile service in most areas. An emergency call is impossible.

It appears to be quite the dilemma, meanwhile your leg is not getting any better. And so you scan the surroundings for signs of another mountaineering group, perhaps they will have a way to get help. But to your dismay, there is not a soul in sight. That is the beauty of the mountains after all, the tranquillity of crossing paths with not a single other human. It would appear, you are stuck. Doomed to meet the destiny of Touching the Void’s Joe Simpson in the very same mountain range. Unlucks mate.

So what the answer really is, is a satellite phone. This is a wonderful piece of equipment that will send radio signals to a satellite up in space, which will then communicate with a telephone network down on earth. In the mountains with no phone signal, this is your only option if you need that mountain rescue.

That is why Andean Peaks has now invested in the technology, thereby guaranteeing its customers not only the time of their lives, but their lives too.

Something worth thinking about when choosing your mountaineering agency! You don’t want to miss out on that all-important beer at the end of the hike because you are injured up a mountain.

Andean Peaks

Andean Peaks

Andean Peaks

Andean Peaks

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