Aconcagua (16 Days) 2024 - 2025

Join us and explore this majestic place that will take your breath away!


16 Days/15 Nigths
Max. Altitude: 6962 m / 22,841 ft
Route: Normal route – North face
Availability: December - February
Difficulty: This is not a technical route, but It's physically challenging. It requires crampons and traverse ice-axe
People per Guide: 4

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America, located in western Argentina, near the Chile border. The Normal Route is not technical a climb up following the Northwest Ridge. It is the altitude that poses the most problem.

Guiding an expedition to the Aconcagua mountain requires skilled guides, who have good experience in high mountain and are capable of managing the standards of work and security.

The normal route start with an acclimatization trek from Plaza Francia (base camp from south face), and continue with a progressive approximation to the Plaza de Mulas, - journey of 40 km-. It will take us 3 days to get to base camp. Then 3 high altitude camps are located in strategically position before getting to the summit. In that way, we guarantee a good acclimatization before starting the ascent to Aconcagua. Our program suggests having two days for carrying all the equipment’s, acclimate and extra days for any incident. When the last stage begins, we will go higher and higher, towards the higher camp until reaching the summit. In Aconcagua, sometimes, the presence of white wind makes the ascent difficult, so in this case, is when we use those extra days for incidents, increasing our chance reaching the top.

Travel Program


Day 01: Mendoza – Permit procedures - Altitude max 760m.
Our expedition begins in Mendoza 760 m - Argentina. We will prepare all the equipment that will be transported later by mules to Confluencia and to Plaza de Mulas. Procedures for permits in the Aconcagua Provincial Park.
Day 02: Mendoza - Penitentes – Altitude: 2800m / 9,186 ft
This day, after a good lunch (lunch not included in the services), we will leave in direction of the town of Penitentes 2800m. During the tour we will observe el Cerro Cordòn and other mountains. Then we will pass really close to Dique Potrillos and his incredible turquoise colors. Arriving at Penitentes in the afternoon. There we get the equipment ready for transportation to the base camp by mule. Hotel in Penitentes. 3 hours approx by transport.
Day 03: Penitentes – Horcones lake - Confluencia – Altitude: 3300 m / 10,826 ft
After a night in Penitentes, we will be transported to the entrance of the park of la laguna Horcones, where we will have the first view of the Aconcagua Mountain, we will present the permits to the park ranger post and then, will start a 2-3 hours trek to get to Confluencia where we will camp.
Day 04: Acclimatization trekking to Plaza Francia – Altitude: 4200 m / 13,779 ft (South face viewpoint)
We have included this day to achieve a better acclimatization, and give the expedition members better chance to reach the summit. We will walk for about 5 hours until we get to Plaza Francia, base camp of the impressive south face of Aconcagua. This is one of the most beautiful sites that we will be able to admire during the expedition.
Day 05: Confluencia - Base camp Plaza de Mulas 4250 m / 13,943 ft
After 8-9 hours crossing the “Playa Ancha” and going up the steep “Cuesta Brava”, we will be able to appreciate the Cerro Cuerno and the Cerro Bonete while going to our Plaza de Mulas camp. The largest camp in the Aconcagua provincial park. Around the last hours of the day, most of us, will begin to feel the effects of the altitude.
Day 06: Rest day at Plaza de Mulas – Altitude: 4250 m / 13,943 ft
This day we will use as a rest day to hydrate and explore the area. Later we will prepare for our ascent to the Cerro Bonete.
Day 07: Plaza de Mulas – Cerro Bonete Altitude 5000 m / 16,404 ft - Plaza de Mulas
Breakfast at 6 am. Then, we will start the ascent to Cerro Bonete. 4-5 hours walk. Up there at the top we will have an impressive view of the west face of the Aconcagua. After that we will return later in the afternoon to the camp in Plaza de Mulas.
Day 08: Transfer of equipment and food to Camp I ”Canada” – Altitude: 5000 m / 16.404 ft
This is a day where in which we face to challenge of winning almost 700 m high with a heavy load on easy terrain. After that we will return to base camp. It’s important to take advantage of the comforts and low altitude of the base camp (food and equipment transfer).
Day 09: Plaza de Mulas - Camp I (Plaza Canadá) – Altitude: 5000 m / 16,404 ft
In the morning we will finally start our ascent to the Aconcagua. We will move to Camp I called “Canadà”. Until now, we have been working in achieving optimal acclimatization. We want everyone to have the best acclimatization possible to summit. 3-4 hours approx.
Day 10: Plaza Canadá - Camp II ”Nido de Cóndores” – Altitude: 5600 m / 18,372 ft
After Breakfast, we will continue our ascent to our second Camp: Nido de Còndores. Impressive view of the Cordillera. Hike from 2 to 4 hours. Camp setup and dinner.
Day 11: Camp II “Nido de Cóndores”. Rest and preparation for the ascent.
This day, after breakfast, we will prepare for the day of the ascent. We verify with Base Camp the weather and the best day to our objective.
Day 12: Extra day in case of bad weather.
In our itinerary we dispose of two extra days to attempt the summit. These days are to guarantee the best number of opportunities to reach the summit.
Day 13: Camp II “Nido de cóndores” - Camp III “Plaza Cólera” or also known “Berlin” – Altitude: 6000 m / 19,685 ft
We begin a 4 hour walk to Camp III, located on the north ridge. We are going to prepare our tents, eat and rest to be ready to reach the summit. 3 – 4 hours approx.
Day 14: Aconcagua Summit 6962 m “Roof of America” – Altitude: 6962 m / 22,841 ft
This is the most demanding day of our expedition. We will climb from the North Ridge to the Independencia Refuge at about 6500m. Then we ascend through the "Portezuelo del Viento", will continue through "La Canaleta", and then "Filo del Guanaco" that will take us to the summit. The prize is waiting for us, a 360° view and the experience of overcoming, which is only understood once we reach it. At the end of this experience, we will descend to Camp III.
Day 15: Camp III “Plaza Cólera” or “Berlín” - Plaza de Mulas.
We will return from Camp III to Base Camp, enjoying a great dinner to celebrate the experience.
Day 16: Plaza de mulas - Penitentes - Mendoza.
After preparing our equipment in the suitcase that will be transported by the mules, we will have a good breakfast to start our descent. 7 - 8 hours of walking that takes us back to the Horcones lagoon and to our meeting point where our private transport awaits us to bring us back to Mendoza. End of our services.

What’s included

What’s included

  • Transfer In from terminal or airport.
  • 02 nights in Hotel in Mendoza (Double, matrimonial)
  • 01 night accommodation in Penitentes: breakfast & dinner included.
  • Assistance in Permit procedures in Mendoza.
  • Mountain Guide certified by UIAGM - IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations).
  • Assistant guide for more than 4 passengers.
  • Full food during the ascent. Kitchenware for the base camp.
  • Mules approach Penitentes
  • Confluence. 10 kg. per person.
  • Mules to transport equipment from Penitentes closer to Plaza de Mulas. 20 kg per person.
  • Mules to descend from Plaza de Mulas to Horcones. 30 kg per person.
  • Mules approach Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas.
  • Camping area and bathrooms in approach and descent camps.
  • Safety equipment such as full pharmacy, radios, satellite phone, rope and digital oximeter.
  • Helicopter evacuation in case of emergency. Requested by the guide and authorized by the doctor on duty. IMPORTANT: HAVE EVACUATION INSURANCE.
  • Medical review at the approach Camp and Base Camp.
  • Support with the weather report for the summit day.
  • 02 hot showers during the Expedition
  • 02 days of full board with accommodation in Confluencia (shared domes or personal tents)
  • 05 days of full board with accommodation in Plaza de Mulas (shared domes or personal tents)
  • Expedition Porters: They will take the group mountain equipment (20 kilos) to the upper Camps. Each participant must bring their personal things and 7 kilos of equipment such as food, gas, household items, etc. to the higher Camps. Consult for personal porters.

Not Included:
  • Permit to enter the Park (Tax of the Government of Mendoza, depending on the date).
  • Personal Equipment.
  • Rescue and other expenses derived from the abandonment of the expedition.
  • Personal Expenses (tips, laundry, telephone, drinks, porters or other items not specified above).
  • Personal equipment porters for equipment, trash and human waste.
  • Personal porters, we can organize if the client desire, to add personal porters for the expedition.
  • Costs (accommodation, food and transportation) of anticipated descent due to altitude sickness, weather, social disturbances, physical condition, mental and/or technical condition of mountaineering.
  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Extra hotel nights in case of early return to the city.
  • Meals in Mendoza.
  • Other services not listed as included.

what to take

what to take

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Cotton short-sleeved shirts or t-shirts
  • Fleece or Wool sweater and/or trousers
  • Lightweight pants
  • Regular and long underwear (at over 13,000 ft./4,000 masl)
  • Medium weight parka with fibber fill or down
  • Light cap and wool hat
  • Rain poncho (or rain gear)
  • Water bottle
  • Light gloves
  • Medium weight socks
  • Hiking boots
  • Sleeping bag (-20)
  • Small daypack
  • Strong waterproof duffel bag
  • Sunglasses, Sun block, lip balm
  • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
  • Towel Contact us for send you the complete list

Scheduled trips & Prices

19.01.2025 03.02.2025 Expeditions Aconcagua 16 days Available
06.01.2025 17.01.2025 Expeditions Aconcagua 12 days Available


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